Family struggles in victor e villaseors story rain of gold

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Rain of Gold Summary

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Rain of gold

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The novel recounts a year in the life of Roberto Garcia, a young Tarascan Indian from the state of Michoacan, Mexico, who migrates illegally to California in to work in the fields.

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RAIN OF GOLD tells the parallel stories of Lupe and Juan Salvador—the author’s parents—beginning in when they are children living in separate places in Revolution-torn Mexico, and how it comes to be that their respective families journey north to seek fortune and prosperity in the land of opportunity that is California.

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Villaseñor, Victor 1940–

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Tactical recoveries of Ricky, his very harmless. Rain of Gold drew one in by giving many ways of connecting to its pages. It contained bootlegging, the struggles Mexicans face in the U.S, violence, words of wisdom, religion, and of course: love.

Family struggles in victor e villaseors story rain of gold
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