Types of organizational chart

Divisional The divisional structure refers to companies that structure leadership according to different products or projects.

Basic Types of Organizational Structure: Formal & Informal

The matrix chart would have two vertical lines connecting the software developer to each manager he is working with. An organisation where staff departments have authority over line personnel in narrow areas of specialization is known as functional authority organisation.

The staff authority of functional authority organisational structure is replaced by staff responsibility so that the principle of unity of command is not violated.

Committees may delay decisions, consume more time and hence more expensive. Download Windows Version Mac Version Linux Version Finance Management Organizational Chart Here is a typical government finance management organizational chart which displays the work division of government financial department.

Management Organizational Chart, Examples and Templates

They often do not include customers. Most org charts include the job titles in squares or circles.

8 Types of Organisational Structures: their Advantages and Disadvantages

The line officers or managers have the direct authority known as line authority to be exercised by them to achieve the organisational goals. An organizational chart is a graphical depiction of the organizational structure of a company.

Some staff specialists may exert direct authority over the line personnel, rather than exert advice authority for example, quality control inspector may direct the worker as well as advise in matters related to quality. The levels of responsibility and authority are likely to be precise and understandable.

Group discussion may lead to creative thinking. They provide little information about the managerial style adopted e.

Organizational Chart

A Strategy for Planned Organizational Change. Neglects specialists in planning 2. Divisional The divisional structure refers to companies that structure leadership according to different products or projects. This change continues until it has exhausted the improvement that can be drawn from what is known.

An organizational chart can also be effectively used to improve the lines of communication within a company, show work relationships, and give employees a transparent view on how the work they do fits into the overall scheme of the company.

Management Organizational Chart, Examples and Templates

Functional Also commonly called a bureaucratic organizational structure, the functional structure divides the company based on specialty. Most org charts include the job titles in squares or circles. A matrix organizational structure is more complicated, with individuals grouped by their common skill-sets and also by the groups in which they work and people they may report to.

For example, an assistant director will fall directly below a director on the chart, showing that the assistant director is a direct report to the director. Larry Alton is an independent business consultant specializing in social media trends, business, and entrepreneurship.

In addition to writing, he’s also active in his community and spends weekends volunteering with a local nonprofit literacy organization and.

SmartDraw's org chart software is used by most Fortune companies and thousands of businesses worldwide. Why?

Because it's easy to use and offers incredibly powerful features. proposed that for developing an organization structure (and organization chart), one should study organizational dimensions [6,8].


There are two types of organizational dimensions: structural and contextual. Definition of organization: A company, business, firm, or association. Almost every organization has two types of employees; those who care about the job, company, and invest their spare time and money into it on occasion, and those who do minimal work just get their paycheck.

UTMB Health Leadership Organizational Chart. VP, Interprofessional Education, Institutional Effectiveness & Health Education Center Janet Southerland, DDS, MPH, PhD. By Indu Kandasamy. Matrix Structure Diagram is widely used to visualize Organizational Chart Of A Company. Use our Organizational Chart Maker to draw a Matrix Organization Chart easily.

Types of organizational chart
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